• Why LIV Scrubs?
    • We believe tailored, high quality, comfortable scrubs don’t need to break the bank. Looking good and feeling good means premium quality but doesn’t have to mean a premium price point.
  • What size am I?
    • Sizing follows most other tailored scrub brands. Our joggers run a little bit smaller so if you prefer a looser fit, going up a size may help.
  • Will you offer more colors?
    • Yes! We are a new and young company and as we grow we will offer more colors, styles, and options!
  • Will you get more stock?
    • Yes! We try our best to stay stocked, but demand is high and the antibacterial coating, production, and shipping all take some time. We will continue to increase our quantities!
  • Do you have short and tall sizes?
    • Not at this time but we will! As a young company, we are working very hard to meet the unique demands of each of our customers and more sizes is high on our priority list.
  • How should I wash my scrubs?
    • Inside out, cold water, hang dry! Just like any of your high-quality performance athletic wear, this helps maintain the longevity of your scrubs.
  • Are your scrubs antimicrobial?
    • Yes! Our scrubs are coated in a special silver-based coating that helps prevent microbial growth. This means you feel great and smell great throughout your whole 13 hour or 27-hour shift!
  • You don't have my size!? 
    • We are working very hard to have enough inventory to meet the high demands. We will be expanding our size ranges soon as well. 
    • If you made a purchase and want to exchange for a size or color no longer available, we will have to refund you. Unfortunately, we have limited inventory and are trying to meet everyone's requests.